Spares & Accessories
     DE-Scaling Attachment

Suitable to fit with the first block of the wire drawing machines to remove the scales from the inlet wire rod.

                                                                                                                            Pay Off Stand

M.S. Fabricated double hand movable system Pat-Off Stand.
Suitable to feed the wire rods to the first black of the wire drawing machines.

Stripper / Spider

Unloading Stand for unloading drawn wires through overhead electric hoist.

                                                                                       Continuous Coiling Device (Dead Coiler)

To be fitted to the final block of continuous wire drawing machines. Capable to unload the drawn wire from the continuous system wire drawing system without stopping the machine. Supplied with 20HP electric motor.

Wire Drawing Machine
       Heavy Duty Bull Block
        Medeaim Bull Block
         Fine Block
         Wet Type
 Wire Pointing Machine
 Butt Welding Machine
 Barbed wire Machine
 Wire Annealing Furnace
 Wire Galvanizing Plant
 Wire Nail Making Machine
Wire straightening Machine
 Control Panel
 Spares & Accessories