Barbed Wire Making Machine
Technical Data :
Length of the Machine 7’–6’  
Width of the Machine 4’  
Height of the Machine 4’–6”  
Weight of the Machine 1200 Kgs (Approx)  
Space required 7’–6”x 25’- 0”  
Power required 5 H.P. / 1440 RPM  
Rated Production Capacity 800 Kgs / 8 hrs. base on 12 x 12 Swg.  
Range of Production 12 x 12, 12 x 14,  
  14 x 14 Sws etc.  
Wire Drawing Machine
       Heavy Duty Bull Block
        Medeaim Bull Block
         Fine Block
         Wet Type
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 Barbed wire Machine
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