Wire Galvanizing Plant

here are two kinds of Galvanizing Plant such as Electro Plating (Cathode/Anode through Rectifier) and Hot Dip (through melting the Zinc).

Hot Dip is specially used for thicker gauge 8 swg. to 14 swg. wires and Electro Plating for thinner gauge 18 swg. to 22 swg. wires.

Depend up to the production target the Galvanizing Line wires will be set-up.

In the photograph you are seeing the Take-Up Unit of Galvanizing Plant i.e. the final part of the plant, after galvanizing/zinc coating the wires are winding through the Take-Up Unit. It is a in-line production unit such as wires are fitted through the Pay-Off then Annealing (Annealed wires also can possible to fit), Pickling with Acid, Washing, Decreasing, Plating, Drying and winding.

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